Hoffman Building Technologies - A Division of Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc. Serving the Carolinas and Virginia for over 60 years
Integrated Bulding Systems Smart Solutions That Work!  

We've been growing since 1987.

Hoffman Building Technologies began as the controls division of Hoffman & Hoffman, a leader since 1947 in providing high quality HVAC products. Today, over 1,000 buildings in the Carolinas and Virginia utilize our designed control systems and technology.
We are experts in systems integration.
We design and install control systems that seamlessly integrate multiple technologies and manufacturers. This provides two major benefits for our clients:
Our products enable our clients to continue using existing equipment while upgrading their overall system
It allows our clients to implement the most appropriate technologies without compromising due to brand incompatibility or long term upgrade issues associated with proprietary control systems
We are specialists in developing critical airflow systems.
We develop systems suitable for specialized applications such as laboratories, clean rooms and isolation rooms.
Our commitment to service is unmatched.
Our goal is simple: Prevent problems when possible and fix them quickly when they occur. Our service department is ready for everything from changing filters to fine-tuning airflow systems. We offer start-up service and technical support for equipment as well as custom service agreements. Click here to access our Service information.